Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art Batch #4...

The non-stop Art onslaught continues as promised.

When I think of Superheroes, I immediately go straight to the bottom of the barrel. That's for several reasons, first being that I don't like what happened to them after about the mid-70s.  Second, I don't like how comics got pushed out of the mainstream into an area you'd be embarrassed to be seen in.  I can't even go into a "comic book shop".

 My Sick Superhero character, whose name is actually "The Atomic Cuckoo".

 What Digital art technology does best--glowy glob effects with no human fingerprint.

 Three colors on a brown paper, Halloween colors from October 2013.

 A Halloween print digitally colored by my daughter Nick.

 A digitally colored abstract marker drawing.

 Another abstract design, traditional media this time.

 "Machiste", He Whose Name Is Unpronounceable In America Today.

 An ancient "Phase II" pencil drawing I inked over.

 A warmup comic page with digital tones.

 More brain misfirings based around my "Sick Superheroes" problem.

 Soopah Goomer astrally projects.

 A retro Surfer drawing done for Steve Smith.

 One of better Vampire Warrior depictions.

 I wonder where exactly his super-powers come from?

Vampire Warrior and the only gal her ever really loved, Medusa...

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