Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand Opening...

I've talked about starting a Blog strictly for Art updates, and here it is.  Because the idea is so far past due, I'm actually beginning from January 2013.  There is a lot of stuff, as I am very productive, and in terms of styles and things it's all over the place.

Obviously I can't show everything, but I will be showing stuff that's either never been seen or has come & gone quickly on eBay or elsewhere.  I like having maximum freedom to create, but a lot of what I make is so "out there" that I quickly lose the regular eyeballs.  But the braver folks do follow along.

So here we go-- lots of unseen artwork with little comments by yours truly...

 Maxed-out exaggerated cartoon meant to shake things up on eBay.

   "Brain Crabs", one of a series of weekly drawings in Sharpie marker on 11x14 cardstock, which I also digitally colored. I stopped far short of 52.

One of twelve abstract "Zodiac" paintings: Cancer.

  A large 2x3 foot painting inspired by Australian Aboriginal Art.

  A collage made from one of my older prints "Electron Charmer" chopped-up and glued down onto a background of ink & colored dyes.

A promo poster for my character "Minister Sinister", also a mail giveaway for my regular customers.

I made a cardboard "frame" template for a book illustration job I was doing, then spat out a few more illos for my own amusement using the same shape.  This one's called "Leaf Blowers".

Collage from old 70s magazine clipping & ink on colored paper.

There's be more coming when I can manage to post it.  And please LMK you're out there and alive by publicly joining this Blog.  And spread the word, too...

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