Friday, April 25, 2014

Batch #2 April 2013...

Just as I warned you guys, here's more artwork from early 2013 w/commentary.  I have noticed that if you click on any picture, your browser should create a slideshow with the rest.  I'm not including absolutely everything I did, as I usually average several pieces a day.

 Another Zodiac painting, "Aquarius"

 Another new character of mine for Pixar or someone else to swipe: "Captain Werewolf".

 A sea nymph with aquatic friends.

 Ever-popular Edgar Rice Burroughs-based art.

 An 11x15 Sharpie marker drawing scanned & digitally colored.

 Fishing girl with trident. I stopped doing art like this for three reasons, two of which are myself and the customers.

 Another digitally colored marker drawing.

 A couple of Victorians painted in acrylic.

 My character "Vampire Warrior" with a Medusa trophy.

VW once again, romping with his only real friend in the world, "Spot" the lizard.

Back soon with more art soon, the best stuff is yet to come...

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