Monday, April 28, 2014

#3 More Art Goo...

Here's art mainly created for eBay auctions but some just for no recompense at all.  This is basically some of the best stuff from a month's work. You'll get an idea of the variety, and of how much is non-profit.

 Australian Aborigine, and an experimental painting technique.

 "Monster University" animated character design, watercolor, digital logo.

 "City of Light" an early abstract, pointing toward many later Symbolist "channeled" paintings.  We're keeping it.

 "Mother and Child".  Don't tell me you missed my Intuitive Drawing book? I did miles of these freeform drawings just to clear the cobwebs.  Lowers distraction, too--very meditative.

I so love these never-say-die Edgar Rice Burroughs fans that in fact I attend every gathering they invite me to. Next is the 2014 Dum Dum in Bryan, Texas.  Big surprises are in store.

 Was the world ready for packaging this ugly? One side of a box design.

 "G Force" drawing, one of a series, Sharpie & digital, 11x17.

 Sold a mere handful of these sickening stickers, but they're still in the Etsy Monster Motel store.

 I relentlessly churn out 8.5x11 markers drawings like this like squeezing toothpaste from a tube, only it's my brain that's getting squeezed.

 Some Big-Eye cuteness for Etsy.

 Blacklight reactive art for the Mug prototype pictured earlier.

 100% Sharpie on 11x17 cardstock paper.  I'd make hundreds more bucks if I did nothing but this sorta stuff.

 I think superheroes need a shot in the arm--or rather, THE BUTT.

 I call this guy "Soopah Goomer".

 Throwing a serious monkey wrench into the eBay "Comic Art" sexy pinup art scene.  "Summer Girl" actually did very well at auction, thank you.  Acrylic, 18x24.

 Is the world ready for a triclopian superhero frankenstein cherub? No, not nearly, but I was.

More blatant disrespect aimed at Superheroes.  Guys like you see here will be all over my upcoming Sick Superhero Cartoons magazine.

Stay posted, tell your friends.

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