Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art Batch #4...

The non-stop Art onslaught continues as promised.

When I think of Superheroes, I immediately go straight to the bottom of the barrel. That's for several reasons, first being that I don't like what happened to them after about the mid-70s.  Second, I don't like how comics got pushed out of the mainstream into an area you'd be embarrassed to be seen in.  I can't even go into a "comic book shop".

 My Sick Superhero character, whose name is actually "The Atomic Cuckoo".

 What Digital art technology does best--glowy glob effects with no human fingerprint.

 Three colors on a brown paper, Halloween colors from October 2013.

 A Halloween print digitally colored by my daughter Nick.

 A digitally colored abstract marker drawing.

 Another abstract design, traditional media this time.

 "Machiste", He Whose Name Is Unpronounceable In America Today.

 An ancient "Phase II" pencil drawing I inked over.

 A warmup comic page with digital tones.

 More brain misfirings based around my "Sick Superheroes" problem.

 Soopah Goomer astrally projects.

 A retro Surfer drawing done for Steve Smith.

 One of better Vampire Warrior depictions.

 I wonder where exactly his super-powers come from?

Vampire Warrior and the only gal her ever really loved, Medusa...

Monday, April 28, 2014

#3 More Art Goo...

Here's art mainly created for eBay auctions but some just for no recompense at all.  This is basically some of the best stuff from a month's work. You'll get an idea of the variety, and of how much is non-profit.

 Australian Aborigine, and an experimental painting technique.

 "Monster University" animated character design, watercolor, digital logo.

 "City of Light" an early abstract, pointing toward many later Symbolist "channeled" paintings.  We're keeping it.

 "Mother and Child".  Don't tell me you missed my Intuitive Drawing book? I did miles of these freeform drawings just to clear the cobwebs.  Lowers distraction, too--very meditative.

I so love these never-say-die Edgar Rice Burroughs fans that in fact I attend every gathering they invite me to. Next is the 2014 Dum Dum in Bryan, Texas.  Big surprises are in store.

 Was the world ready for packaging this ugly? One side of a box design.

 "G Force" drawing, one of a series, Sharpie & digital, 11x17.

 Sold a mere handful of these sickening stickers, but they're still in the Etsy Monster Motel store.

 I relentlessly churn out 8.5x11 markers drawings like this like squeezing toothpaste from a tube, only it's my brain that's getting squeezed.

 Some Big-Eye cuteness for Etsy.

 Blacklight reactive art for the Mug prototype pictured earlier.

 100% Sharpie on 11x17 cardstock paper.  I'd make hundreds more bucks if I did nothing but this sorta stuff.

 I think superheroes need a shot in the arm--or rather, THE BUTT.

 I call this guy "Soopah Goomer".

 Throwing a serious monkey wrench into the eBay "Comic Art" sexy pinup art scene.  "Summer Girl" actually did very well at auction, thank you.  Acrylic, 18x24.

 Is the world ready for a triclopian superhero frankenstein cherub? No, not nearly, but I was.

More blatant disrespect aimed at Superheroes.  Guys like you see here will be all over my upcoming Sick Superhero Cartoons magazine.

Stay posted, tell your friends.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Batch #2 April 2013...

Just as I warned you guys, here's more artwork from early 2013 w/commentary.  I have noticed that if you click on any picture, your browser should create a slideshow with the rest.  I'm not including absolutely everything I did, as I usually average several pieces a day.

 Another Zodiac painting, "Aquarius"

 Another new character of mine for Pixar or someone else to swipe: "Captain Werewolf".

 A sea nymph with aquatic friends.

 Ever-popular Edgar Rice Burroughs-based art.

 An 11x15 Sharpie marker drawing scanned & digitally colored.

 Fishing girl with trident. I stopped doing art like this for three reasons, two of which are myself and the customers.

 Another digitally colored marker drawing.

 A couple of Victorians painted in acrylic.

 My character "Vampire Warrior" with a Medusa trophy.

VW once again, romping with his only real friend in the world, "Spot" the lizard.

Back soon with more art soon, the best stuff is yet to come...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand Opening...

I've talked about starting a Blog strictly for Art updates, and here it is.  Because the idea is so far past due, I'm actually beginning from January 2013.  There is a lot of stuff, as I am very productive, and in terms of styles and things it's all over the place.

Obviously I can't show everything, but I will be showing stuff that's either never been seen or has come & gone quickly on eBay or elsewhere.  I like having maximum freedom to create, but a lot of what I make is so "out there" that I quickly lose the regular eyeballs.  But the braver folks do follow along.

So here we go-- lots of unseen artwork with little comments by yours truly...

 Maxed-out exaggerated cartoon meant to shake things up on eBay.

   "Brain Crabs", one of a series of weekly drawings in Sharpie marker on 11x14 cardstock, which I also digitally colored. I stopped far short of 52.

One of twelve abstract "Zodiac" paintings: Cancer.

  A large 2x3 foot painting inspired by Australian Aboriginal Art.

  A collage made from one of my older prints "Electron Charmer" chopped-up and glued down onto a background of ink & colored dyes.

A promo poster for my character "Minister Sinister", also a mail giveaway for my regular customers.

I made a cardboard "frame" template for a book illustration job I was doing, then spat out a few more illos for my own amusement using the same shape.  This one's called "Leaf Blowers".

Collage from old 70s magazine clipping & ink on colored paper.

There's be more coming when I can manage to post it.  And please LMK you're out there and alive by publicly joining this Blog.  And spread the word, too...