Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Private & Personal Stuff...

Not many people know that mister blood-and-guts Fantasy Art man (me) also does strange and weirdly inexplicable drawings in his spare time for Fun and No Profit.

Seriously, these are going in all sorts of directions, basically me blowing carbon out of the pistons.  Here goes nothin'...

 Those are fake ads on the left.  Again, if you click on one pic your browser may give you a slide show.

There's hundreds of pages of this kind of stuff, some even weirder than this. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Batch #8...

We're getting past the older stuff that started back in 2013 and are basically now in "the Present".

 I did a "mirror image" effect and only had to draw half a picture.  The rest was flipping and copying in Photoshop.

 "Bronx Monster" was yet another eBay watercolor.

 More "Kidz Room" Art.

 "Ego Extraction", complete with pesky tent-pegs that don't want to let go.

 This one was pretty huge, around 15"x20", also available as a print HERE.

 This original is also on Etsy.

 Above and below are "grid" drawings, I use homemade perspective charts for a depth effect.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Batch #7...

 But aren't artists supposed to do one style all the time so we can easily recognize them?

One of the first "Kidz Art" pieces.
 Goofy Dinosaurs on colored paper.

 The old Drawing on Newspaper Trick.

 A remarque drawing inside an "Electric Frankenstein" comic book.

 This will be in an art show in Bloomingdales, NYC.

 Europa, painted on corrugated cardboard.

 More art on cardboard scraps.  Why waste it?

 One of my "Deep Space" grid drawings.

 More Kidz Art.

Bye fer now.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#6 Fresh Batch Time...

More Etsy art, rarely-seen by many...

"Klumpp Family" street scene on a clipboard.

  Bride of Frankenstein as madonna.

 A ghostly Halloween box.

 Blacklight bubble art.

 A vampire girl Halloween box.

 Blacklight reactive painting.

 Drawing on cups again?

 Going to fly a kite.

 "The Lotus Portal" under Blacklight.

 Primitive Cave Art drawn on paper plates.

 Hoffman's drawing on rocks now.

 A "Paleo" T-shirt design.

 "The Golden Priest".


 A Bride of Frankenstein powder box for the ladies.

 "Uncle Clifford" in acrylic and oil pastel.

Hydra in search of a missing head.

Stop it Hoffman, you're confusing us again.

More to come.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

#5 Alternative Artworks...

 It occurred to me that I should also show some of the large variety of stuff I've created for  When I first started over there the freedom was like a breath of fresh air.  You can see I went a little berserk.

Cutout paper and Marker.

 A decorative abstract acrylic painting, about 20x24.

 One of many "Coffin Boxes" painted around Halloween...

 ...And its creepy contents.

 Wooden plaques, also painted in acrylics.

 Hideous "found" frames, customized for October weirdness.

 Cute, custom OOAK clipboards.

 People liked these, they bought 'em!

 Another Hoffy Halloween Invention: the "Fang Box".

 People who hate Clowns should wonder about themselves.  All judgment is projection.

 Painted paper cutouts on wood panel.

 Blacklight fluorescent art on wood, I called it "Molecular Scorpion"

 Spray paint and acrylic on Canvas, from the magic wand of my alter ego "Adam Neumann".

 More "found" frames utterly corrupted by moi.

 A old Santa Claus gift box, about 6" deep, painted over.

 A submarine girl with tentacle, acrylic on canvas board.

 More Tribal/Primitive stuff, huge and blacklight reactive.

  Another "found" frame.

An abstract I called "The Minotaur".

God, I get tired just thinking about all of it.  But I think I have at least one more entry's worth of top-quality stuff from Etsy.

See ya next time!