Sunday, May 4, 2014

#6 Fresh Batch Time...

More Etsy art, rarely-seen by many...

"Klumpp Family" street scene on a clipboard.

  Bride of Frankenstein as madonna.

 A ghostly Halloween box.

 Blacklight bubble art.

 A vampire girl Halloween box.

 Blacklight reactive painting.

 Drawing on cups again?

 Going to fly a kite.

 "The Lotus Portal" under Blacklight.

 Primitive Cave Art drawn on paper plates.

 Hoffman's drawing on rocks now.

 A "Paleo" T-shirt design.

 "The Golden Priest".


 A Bride of Frankenstein powder box for the ladies.

 "Uncle Clifford" in acrylic and oil pastel.

Hydra in search of a missing head.

Stop it Hoffman, you're confusing us again.

More to come.

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